Jokaviproom Casino – Why join?

If you like to bet while playing casino games, Jokaviproom is a good choice. Jokaviproom Casino originally became known as a betting site, and to this day it is the largest of its sections. There are a total of over 30 sports involved in the game, of which soccer is the largest. And, best of all, the deposit bonus offered by can also be extended in bets with a 4x requirement!

Over the years, Jokaviproom Casino has grown into a respected online casino. The number of game manufacturers is huge – in total, Jokaviproom Casino offers casino games from nearly 80 different gaming studios! So Jokaviproom Casino has more old acquaintances than new game providers.

As far as security is concerned, there is nothing wrong with Jokaviproom Casino. A company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, when it can not afford to play at the expense of the players. Australia is Jokaviproom Casino’s largest market after America. According to the analytics tool SimilarWeb, more than 260,000 Australian visitors visit the Jokaviproom website every month. Jokaviproom Casino is among the most popular Australian online casinos!

Jokaviproom Casino Bonus

Jokaviproom Casino has so much to offer that it doesn’t need to unnecessarily flatter customers with a huge number of free offers. Of course, the basics have been taken care of: the deposit bonus is above the average base level: 200%. Bonus money can be redeemed with this deposit up to 200 euros. Thus, you can get a total of 400 euros of play money if you deposit a maximum of 200 euros. 

Free Spins 

Free spins are almost always part of the bonus packages used by casinos to attract new customers, but this is not the case at Jokaviproom Casino. However, the bitter disappointment caused by the lack of freerolls is mitigated by the fact that Jokaviproom Casino is constantly running new tournaments and promotions where you can win freerolls and play money.

In addition to free spins, there are reasons to sign up at Jokaviproom Casino: the possibility of giant tournaments, poker games, betting and bingo.

Jokaviproom Casino bonus redemption and other conditions

Fortunately, Jokaviproom Casino’s redemption terms and conditions are very simple. As everyone probably already knew, bonus money is not really real money for adults. It can play fun and comfortable racing games, but when you offer it at the cash register at the market, you’ll probably fall into the arms of a security guard.

But look, in a few steps the money turns into the right bill. This magic is called recirculating bonuses , and it means that a certain amount of time you can play for money in the casino.

Listed are the main bonus conditions:

  • The minimum deposit for the bonus is 10 euros.
  • Deposit bonus money and any winnings must be redeemed within 30 days.
  • You cannot play poker with your bonus money
  • Jokaviproom Casino has a wagering requirement of 25 times , which is slightly better than average for a player. However, this amount only applies to casino games.
  • At joka betting, the wagering requirement is 4 times (only 1.40 larger items count towards the wagering requirement).
  • At Jokaviproom Live Casino, the bonus spin is 30 times, and its games only accumulate a spin condition of 10% of the value.
  • So if you play with ten, the amount to be recycled is reduced in euros.